Why Newcastle?

Newcastle upon Tyne is the cultural hub of the North East of England. A modern, outward looking city with a strong industrial heritage, it is one of the main university cities in the UK. 


Newcastle is a cultural hub for the North East, home to the international renowned Baltic arts centre and The Sage Gateshead concert hall. 

Perhaps the cities most famous resident, the Anthony Gormley designed Angel of The North stands ready to welcome both old and new to the city. 

The angel of the north a steel sculpture
Campus map with a background of Students


Newcastle is home to two major universities  the highly regarded University of Newcastle and Northumbria University. Both attract tens of thousands of students into the city each year and have large international student bodies. 

The University of Newcastle is a hub for engineering, medicine and architecture, perhaps explaining why Newcastle Upon Tyne performs so well in these areas. 


Newcastle's location in the North East means that it stands on the main routs between England and Scotland. Trains from Newcastle run direct to Edinburgh in less than two hours and London in less than three.

Newcastle International Airport also has a wide-ranging selection of international and domestic flights, including direct flights to Dubai.

The city is also connect to the continent via ferry, with daily overnight sailings to Amsterdam. 

The Central Railway Station of Newcastle
Image by Waldemar Schwarzkopf


Newcastle population is forecasted to grow rapidly in the next few years, especially as the London 'Brain Drain' is reversed and people return, seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle.


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