My name is Michael Roberts, and I am the Managing Director of MGTR Property Ltd.


When I was 17, two family bereavements meant that I inherited one property and partial shares in four others, one of which was the family home where I had been born and raised. It took four years to resolve the situation to a point at which I and my family could begin to move on with our lives. 

During this time, I was struck by how little advice I was able to access. The professionals involved in the process were experts in their respective fields, but no one was able to provide an overview picture, nor suggest what would be in my best interests long term. 

MGTR Property aims to bridge that gap, bringing with it a dispassionate view that only a third party can. Our aim is not to advise, but rather to highlight some of the dangers and suggest things which should be considered when dealing with an estate. We also offer a service which aims to increase the value of a property prior to its disposal.  


MGTR Property Ltd was founded in 2019 with the intention of providing a reliable property consultancy, aiding people navigate the confusing world of property.


My aim will always be to provide the best possible service to my clients, and I will always put my client relationships ahead of profits.